Community Information
Please Note: Under current restrictions we have been advised to limit visitors onsite at this time. Any visitors to the school site between the hours of 8:15-3:10 must sign in at the school office. 
We are community-spirited school and we encourage parents and families to participate in all aspects of our programs. There are many opportunities to be directly involved in your child’s education. These opportunities include:
  • helping with school excursions and school events
  • collaborating and cooking with our 'Food for Everyone' parent group 
  • assistance with literacy and numeracy programs
  • participation in environment committees and fundraising groups
Please note: If you are interested in volunteering at Banyan Fields Primary School you will be asked to apply for a Working with Children (WWC) check. For more information about the WWC check, see: Working with Children.
Assembly Location and time
Please Note: Assemblies will not be undertaken while we current government restrictions are in place.
Our school assembly is conducted in the school gymnasium at 2:15pm  on a Friday.
If for any reason we change the location or time, we will update on our Facebook Page

Term 4: 5th October - 18th December

Term 1 2020:

       Students in Year 1 - 6 return 29th January. 

       Foundation students commence 1st February. 

Term Dates & Class Times
School hours

Monday – Friday :  8.45 am – 3.10 pm

Students should not be onsite prior to 8:35am.

Music to signal start of day 8:45am

First bell & classes commence for Session One: 9:00 am

Session Two: 10:00am

First break: 11.00 am (Snack/Recess) 

Session Three:  11.30 am

Session Four: 12:30pm

Lunch Eating Time: 1:30pm 

Lunch Playtime: 1.40 pm 

Session Five: 2:10pm 

School concludes at 3.10 pm

Late arrivals and early departures

All students who arrive late (after 9:05am) to school are required to sign in at the school office and obtain a late slip from the administration area. The late slip will be given to the classroom teacher.

Early departures must also be signed out through the school office administration area and receive an early departure slip for family records. 


The Canteen is run under contract is open four days a week and we have a fully approved Food Safety Program in place.

It is open Monday, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

To order lunch students need to write their name, class and order onto a reusable bag or brown paper bag. Please make sure all money is placed in the bag and carefully folded to ensure the money does not fall out. Orders must be placed in the classroom lunch tub which is taken to the Canteen before 9:30am.  As credit cannot be provided, children will be provided with a sandwich from the office if lunch has been forgotten or money not included. Parents and caregivers are asked to please send the money to school on the next day.

Medical Plans

Attached are downloadable files that you are able to print and fill out with a qualified, practising Medical Practitioner. 

All medical forms should be updated annually or whenever the student’s medications or plans change. Our school sickbay officer  is onsite from 10.00am - 3.00pm if you have any queries.

It is important to note that these are all medical documents and therefore must be completed and signed by the treating doctor (e.g. Immunology/Allergy Specialist, Paediatrician or General Practitioner). Please click on the links below to download required medical forms.