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Students will develop their reading ability through participation in the Reader’s Workshop. Students will learn how to effectively utilise reading strategies such as stretching words, making pictorial inferences, building reading stamina and using phonetic awareness of letter sounds to articulate words.  


Students will make meaningful connections to books to deepen their comprehension forming text to self-connections and connections between text to text and text to world. 


During the Writer’s Workshop students will learn to write both retells, narratives, information and persuasive texts. Alongside these tasks, students will learn about correct application of punctuation and grammar in their writing.  


Students will use their Writer’s Notebook to focus on planning their ideas by drawing, writing, and labelling. This will be important in building student capacity in thinking deeply about their writing and utilising imagery to prompt detailed writing pieces. 



In numeracy, students will focus on counting, ordering, and sequencing numbers by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. They will learn about the concept of place value and why it is important, focusing on the representation of numbers in tens and ones/units.  


Students will learn about length and measurement as well as identification and categorisation of 2D shapes and 3D shapes. 


Further into the year, students will consolidate their understanding of chance and data, and time. They will build on their understanding of the mathematical operations addition and subtraction and progress to learn important, practical concepts in multiplication and division. 


Inquiry Units

Semester One: History 

Over the semester, students in grade 1 will have the opportunity to engage in aboriginal history, events, and culture. Students will retell significant family event milestones and describe how their family may differ from the past and present. Students will also explore and identify significant events, dates and celebrations from all cultures.  


Semester Two: Geography 

In semester 2, students will learn about connections to people and places: the importance of how places can be significant within Australia and the world. Students will identify the traditional owners of our local and wider community and will explore weather, seasons and natural features. 



Year 1

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