Foundation - 2019

Foundation at Banyan Fields Primary School is such an exciting time in our students’ lives, full of fun, excitement, friendships, growth and support. The learning gained throughout the year has to be experienced to be believed - your children will amaze you with all that they can do by the end of the school year!

We cater to students’ learning needs, ensuring each student is learning at their own level whilst exploring and challenging themselves in a warm and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to identify the characteristics of being an effective learner. We support students to understand that learning from mistakes is an important attribute of being a good learner. Teachers model metacognition by demonstrating their own thinking and scaffolding metacognition by asking students to demonstrate their thought process and to explain their own thinking.

We take great pride in providing our students with a wonderful start to their school lives, and we thoroughly enjoy watching them grow, learn and flourish as they move on through the rest of their school years.


Key Learning Areas in Foundation by Term:

Term 1: We begin the year with a heavy focus on phonics (letter/sound relationships) and phonemic awareness (hearing all the different sound within words), along with counting and exploring numbers to 10 in depth. There is an ongoing focus on building positive relationships with peers, developing routines, setting processes and expectations for success in the classroom, and on following instructions. 

Term 2: We continue to focus on phonics, delving into more complex letter/sound relationships. We begin to increase expectations for students to write with sounds, read basic texts with increased confidence, independence, and to speak in complete sentences. Numbers to 20 are explored, as well as the concepts of time, measurement (length) and location.

Term 3: Speaking and Listening are a big focus in term 3, with the School Concert week as an end of term celebration of all their hard work. Students begin to write longer pieces while experimenting with interesting language and punctuation, read texts with greater understanding and comprehension and speak in front of groups with greater confidence and clarity. In Mathematics, we learn to add and subtract using multiple strategies, along with shape, capacity and mass. 

Term 4: We focus on practising all the skills we have developed throughout the year, becoming more confident in applying them independently. Students present their amazing Learning Journals to their families at the Student Led Conferences, displaying the growth in their learning from the beginning of Foundation to the end.

Fluid Groups and Differentiation

Students are placed in point-of-need teaching groups to work on skills they need to develop, based on ongoing assessment data. We begin by doing this within each classroom, having up to 4 groups working on different levels of a given skill or task. In Term 2 we add fluid groups to our teaching. This helps us to target specific learning needs and to cater to all students.


Digital Technologies

Foundation students are exposed to digital technologies on a daily basis through the use of:

Smartboards/projectors/Apple TVs - for stories online, e-books, songs and rhymes connected with their learning - letter/sound, counting, concepts of print, mathematical concepts, daily timetables.

iPads - apps to support classroom learning, including ‘Australian Touch and Write’, ‘Eggy Phonics,’ ‘Reading Magic,’ ‘Blending Sounds,’ ‘Notepad,’ and ‘Eggy Numbers.’ The Mathletics and Bug Club programs are used as part of homework process as well as during class learning time.

Computers - learning mouse and keyboard skills, using word documents to publish writing pieces.

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)
In Foundation students participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP).  This program develops  the child’s perception of time and space and the limitations of the human body. Above all it aims to give children the confidence to manipulate themselves through experiences with music, fitness, dance and movement. Foundation students have weekly PMP sessions from Term 2 onwards.


Curriculum In Action (CIA):
Term One 2019:  Happy, Healthy Me

In term 1 students in their first year of schooling will begin learning about how to be happy, safe, follow the routines, school values and integrate into the school community. The respectful relationships program is used to integrate personal and social skills.


Term Two 2019: Community Helpers

In term 2, students will define place and identify and describe features of places and changes in these, at a local scale. They identify how people are connected to different places and explain the value of places to people. Emphasis is on people in the community that help to keep us safe, such as fire fighters, police, paramedics and teachers. 

Term Three 2019: Fairy Tales – Once upon a time...

In term 3, students will be part of their very first concert at Banyan Fields Primary School, so this term is all about preparing for their concert item while learning all about dance, drama and music through the world of nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

Term Four 2019: Australia
In term 4, students will begin to explore the country they live in, Australia. They will explain the value of special places to people and how they can be protected. They will appreciate the ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples maintain connections to a particular country/place. The students will identify animals that are unique to Australia and be exploring how Australian animals are suited to their habitats within Australia.         


Term 1

Meet the Teacher Interviews
Prep Family Picnic - celebrating our first full week at school
Responsible Pet Ownership: dog safety in the community – incursion
Easter parade

Term 2

Education Week - Grandparents Day and Book Fair
Parent/Teacher Interviews

Term 3

100 Days of Prep celebrations
Foundation School Concert
Footy Day

Term 4

Student-Led Conferences
Christmas Carols night

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