Visual & Media Arts

Throughout the year, students develop their experiences, skills, techniques and processes in the following areas:

  •  Drawing

  •  Painting

  •  Printing

  •  Threads & Textiles

  •  Construction

  •  Collage

  •  Mixed Media


Students develop an understanding and awareness of art elements and principles as they progress through their years at Banyan Fields Primary School. Additionally, with a focus on arts language development, students develop the ability to explore, appreciate, respond, interpret and critique a variety of art types and forms (art criticism and appreciation).


In Foundation the students explore visual art by experimenting with different materials and techniques.

In Level 1/2 the students continue to explore ideas, experiences, observations and imagination and express them through different subject matter.

In Level 3/4 the students explore ideas and artworks from different cultures and times as inspiration to create visual art.

In Level 5/6 the students explore visual arts practices as inspiration to create visual artworks.

In the Art room at Banyan Fields Primary School we aim to create a stimulating environment where students feel excited to try new things, explore new ideas and - at times - make a mess! Our lessons are structured around explicit learning intentions and success criteria that are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum.


During art sessions, students from Foundation to Year 6 are provided with opportunities to explore and express their creativity through experimenting with a diverse range of resources and learning tasks. They are exposed to, discuss and take inspiration from, various art styles and artists’ work.


The Visual Art program is diverse for students, incorporating their own personal world and other worlds around them. It encourages all students to engage, inspire and enrich their own learning, along with exciting their imagination and reaching their creative and expressive potential.

Performing Arts

At Banyan Fields we value Performing Arts and encourage all children to express their ideas and feelings through Music, Dance and Drama. Every student is given the opportunity to sing, dance, and perform during our school concert term.

Each level from Foundation - Year 6 spend the term perfecting their air for the dramatic. Dancing and singing their way to their performances at the conclusion of term 3. With an emphasis placed not only on their dance, music and drama skills but also on growing each students' confidence and interpersonal skills through an interactive and supportive learning environment. 

Music - information coming soon....
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