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Year 5

In Year 5, we work hard on developing the children as independent, goal-oriented learners who adopt growth mindsets and have open minds towards challenges. Students set goals, which are discussed with teachers, so they can work towards achieving in their learning. These goals are reflected upon through peer discussions, self-reflection, and when conferring with the teacher, within which students consider achievements and areas for continued development. All students are given many opportunities to work with a range of children and teachers across the curriculum, where learning is differentiated and individual needs and learning styles are planned for.


Student Leadership

In Year 5, students continue their journey into student leadership with the introduction of formalised leadership positions in the form of SRC (Student Representative Council). SRC Representatives have the opportunity to expand their leadership skills and prepare for potential leadership roles in year 6. Students in Year 5, are also nominated by their teachers to participate in the PLAY Training Program and become a PLAY Training Leader. The PLAY Training Leaders are able to gain experience in becoming student mentors for our junior students. They are seen as role models who will help the junior students develop their confidence and self esteem.


Inquiry Units

In Year 5, we provide our students with opportunities to undertake extra learning within our Topic lessons, which take place several times per week. These topics cover areas of the curriculum additional to English and Mathematics. Additional topics include: Design & Technology, Respectful Relationships,Civics and Citizenship, History, Puberty Education, Performing Arts (drama, dance and music), Business and Economics and Geography.



Throughout the year, students in Year 5 will have the opportunity to participate in a range of extracurricular activities, this year these will include:​ Hoop Time, Concert, Sports Activities and Cross Country.


Year 5 Camp is a 3 day and 2 night camp in Emerald. Students will participate in challenging adventure activities, as well as exploring a beautiful Australian bush location. The activities they will participate in align with Victorian Curriculum skills such as map reading, developing social and emotional skills and taking care of and organising their own belongings.


Level Sport

Year 5 students participate in level sport one session a week. These sessions focus on specific skills and game play, enabling students to learn, understand and enjoy a range of sports activities. Sports include basketball, netball, football, cricket, soccer and T-ball.

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