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Our Philosophy


Creating a bright future for our learners is our vision at Banyan Fields Primary School.


At Banyan Fields Primary School we are committed to providing academic, emotional and social education within our learning community.


Banyan Fields Primary School’s objective is to instil the values of belonging, resilience, ambition and integrity to create influential and positive members of society.

Our Values 

Our school values are the basis for all interactions. The School Council believe these values are accepted within our community.


Our values are:

Belonging: Including everyone using the common themes of acceptance; tolerance; caring and loyalty.

Resilience: Bouncing back using the common themes of learning from mistakes; mental toughness and never give up, even when it is hard.

Ambition: My very best effort using the common themes of high expectations of myself and others; spirit; future success; self-belief and doing my very best.

Integrity: Always doing the right thing using the common themes of truth, honesty and trust.

The School Council expects that all students, parents, staff and visitors of the school conduct themselves in the following way:

  • Listen and respond with consideration, speaking politely;

  • Support, help and treat others fairly;

  • Support school procedures, policies and requests;

  • Take care of the school’s property and environment;

  • Take pride in our school and promote a community spirit;

  • Report any concerns relating to student safety to the Principal or Assistant Principal in line with the Child Safe Standards.

The School Council expect that parents support their child and the school in coming to a resolution in regards to difficult issues.

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