Year 2 - 2020

Term One 2020:  Then and Now - History

In Term 1, students will investigate a significant person or place in their local area and identify similarities and differences between then and now. They will gather information from their family and visitors about how daily life has altered. Students will look at the past and present changes in technology, toys, culture and transport and the changes this has brought to our school, family and communities.


Term Two 2020: Our Local Community

In Term 2, students will investigate how Australia has changed over time.  They will have the opportunity to explore their family history by creating a family tree and study what life was like for their parents and grandparents compared to now.  Students will learn about the different states and compare the weather, land formation and animals.  They will have the opportunity to research and write a report about their favourite Australian animal.  Students will also learn more about their local area of Carrum Downs by collecting data and studying maps. 

Term Three 2020: Let’s Entertain

In Term 3, students will be encouraged to explore artistic concepts of dance, drama and music by experimenting with sound, movement, instruments and body percussion.  They will learn how to improvise, compose and practise a repertoire of chants, songs and poetry accompanied by percussion instruments.  Students will also have the opportunity to communicate their ideas to an audience by choreographing, rehearsing and performing with their class at the Concert.

Term Four 2020: Our Local and Global Community
In Term 4, students will continue to investigate and explore features of their local community and how it has changed over time. They will expand on this prior knowledge from Term 1 and relate it to global communities. They will study and investigate weather, the natural environment and man-made places. Students will learn about maps and models. They will have the opportunity to research, develop their ideas and create a model of a community.


​Extracurricular activities:

Please note all term 2 activities have been cancelled or postponed

Term 1 2020 

Term 2 2020: Swimming (PARC) Weeks 8-10 
Term 2 2020: Local Community Walking Excursion

Term 3 2020: Dance Incursion

Term 4 2020:



In Term 2, Year 2 students will take part in swimming lessons at PARC (Frankston).  They will have the opportunity to increase their confidence in the water, learn different swimming techniques and expand their knowledge about water safety. Let’s not forget the fun-filled play session on the last day!

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