Year 2 - 2019

In Year 2, emphasis is placed on developing students’ love of learning!  They will thrive in a positive learning environment where they will be encouraged to achieve their personal best.

Your child will be motivated to progress in their learning by working towards achievable yet challenging goals.  They will work with their teacher to create their goals and use self-reflection, along with one-on-one time spent with the teacher, to determine whether they have achieved them.  Students will be encouraged to recognise the successes they have made in their learning as well as areas to develop.

Students will take part in fluid groupings across the curriculum.  These will provide your child with the opportunity to interact with a wider variety of peers and enable them to develop collaborative skills and flexibility.

We have a strong focus on the inclusion of Digital Technologies within the classroom context.  Students will develop their information and communication technology capabilities as they learn to use laptops and iPads effectively and appropriately.  They will use these technologies to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively across the curriculum. 

Integrated Topics:

Term One 2019:  Indigenous Australian History

In Term 1, students will investigate significant places and events in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander History and relate these to their own personal experiences.  Students will compare the past and to present, identifying how different cultures have varying daily routines and ways of living.  They will also learn about important events, dates and celebrations.


Term Two 2019: Our Australia

In Term 2, students will investigate how Australia has changed over time.  They will have the opportunity to explore their family history by creating a family tree and study what life was like for their parents and grandparents compared to now.  Students will learn about the different states and compare the weather, land formation and animals.  They will have the opportunity to research and write a report about their favourite Australian animal.  Students will also learn more about their local area of Carrum Downs by collecting data and studying maps. 

Term Three 2019: Let’s Entertain

In Term 3, students will be encouraged to explore artistic concepts of dance, drama and music by experimenting with sound, movement, instruments and body percussion.  They will learn how to improvise, compose and practise a repertoire of chants, songs and poetry accompanied by percussion instruments.  Students will also have the opportunity to communicate their ideas to an audience by choreographing, rehearsing and performing with their class at the Year 1 & 2 Concert.

Term Four 2019: Sustainable Communities
Students will learn what it means to be sustainable.  They will study and investigate ways to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly at home and at school.  Students will learn about energy, recycling, reducing, reusing and the effects of pollution.  They will have the opportunity to research, develop their ideas and create a product out of recycled materials designed to catch rainwater at Banyan Fields Primary school.

​Extracurricular activities:

Term 1 2019: Incursion - Indigenous Australians VR Experience

Term 2 2019: Swimming (PARC) 
Term 2 2019: Moonlit Sanctuary - TBC

Term 3 2019: Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts (Frankston Arts Centre)

Term 4 2019: Cranbourne Botanical Gardens - TBC



In Term 2, Year 2 students will take part in swimming lessons at PARC (Frankston).  They will have the opportunity to increase their confidence in the water, learn different swimming techniques and expand their knowledge about water safety.  Let’s not forget the fun-filled play session on the last day!


Tennis Clinic with Larry

During the year, Year 2 students will have the opportunity to participate in tennis lessons as a class.  They will explore and expand their knowledge of tennis as a sport.  This will include learning the skills of hitting, balancing and bouncing the ball with a tennis racket.


Year 2 Sleepover

In Term 4, students will have the opportunity to attend the Year 2 Sleepover!  We know that camps can sometimes be a little daunting for both students, parents and carers so the Year 2 Sleepover is a great way to prepare for Year 3 Camp. 

Students will stay the night in the Multi-Purpose Hall with their classmates, teachers and, of course, some wonderful parent helpers.  The fun-filled occasion will include a delicious dinner, awesome outdoor games, a dancing disco, a craft activity, a cooking activity and a cosy movie night!

Further information will be provided to parents and carers closer to the event.

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