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Year 2

n Year 2, students cement and build upon the fundamental skills they have previously learnt in English and Maths. Teachers provide engaging lessons during which students are required to actively participate and interact with their peers to increase understanding and allow for skill practise. Lessons are targeted to students’ point of need, and instruction opportunities provided for whole class learning, small group focus tasks and individual learning conferences.


During Year 2, students are encouraged to become increasingly independent learners. Through individual goal setting, each student has daily opportunities to work on their learning goals in a way that suits them personally. We also begin to build upon the students’ technological abilities, beginning to learn to use word processing programs, becoming confident at logging in to websites and developing awareness around online safety.

Inquiry Units

Our Inquiry program gives all students in Year 2 a variety of opportunities to excel in all aspects of the school curriculum. Students will be rotating through different curriculum areas: Performing Arts (drama and dance), Humanities (Geography and History) and Design and Technology.

Extra Curricular


Year 2 students participate in level sport each week. These sessions focus on specific skills and game play, enabling students to learn, understand and enjoy a range of sports activities. 


As a grade 2 rite of passage, we hold a sleepover and have all kinds of fun activities including a pizza dinner, cooking, disco and watching a movie in our sleeping bags!


We attend excursions and incursions during the year that link to what we have been learning about and help us expand our understanding in fun and interactive ways.

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