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2024 Term Dates

Term 1
Tuesday 30th January - Students in Year 1 - 6 commence

Thursday 1st February - Foundation Students commence 

Friday 16th February - Curriculum Day (No students on site)

Monday 11th March – Labour Day (Public Holiday)
Thursday 28th March
 - Last Day Term 1 (Early Dismissal 2.30pm)

Term 2
Monday 15th April - First Day Term 2
Thursday 25th April - Anzac Day (Public Holiday)
Friday 24th May - Curriculum Day (No students on site)
Monday 10th June – King's Birthday (Public Holiday)
Friday 28th June - Last Day Term 2 (Early Dismissal 2.30pm)


Term 3
Monday 15th July – First Day Term 3
Friday 2nd August - Curriculum Day (No students on site)
Friday 20th September - Last Day Term 3 (Early Dismissal 2.30pm)

Term 4
Monday 7th October – First Day Term 4
Monday 4th November - Curriculum Day (No students on site)
Tuesday 5th November - Melbourne Cup (Public Holiday)
Friday 20th December – Last Day Term 4 (Early Dismissal 1.30pm)

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