What are Parent Payments?

Parent Payments include the Essential Learning Items, Optional Items and Voluntary Contributions.


  • Essential Student Learning Items are those items, activities or services that are essential to support student learning of the standard curriculum. This includes student stationery packs and digital subscriptions, including Bug Club and Mathletics.

  • Optional Items are those items, activities or services that are offered in addition to or support instruction in the standard curriculum program.  These are provided on a user-pays basis so that if parents choose to access them for students, they are required to pay for them, these include activities like excursions and camps.

  • Voluntary Financial Contributions are voluntary donations to the school for a general or specific purpose, e.g. school grounds projects, library fund or for new equipment.


Changes to the Parent Payments Process

As of October 9th 2019 the front office will begin taking payments for the 2020 Parent Payments. To ensure students receive student stationery packs and access to digital subscriptions at the beginning of the 2020 school year, all direct credit payments need to be finalised by a Thursday December 5th and cash/EFT payments closing on December 10th, 2019.


We strongly encourage families to pay by the 2019 due date to ensure students receive their stationery packs at the beginning of the school year.

A second delivery of student stationery packs will be delivered by mid-March, with payments for this final round to be finalised by February 10th and cash/EFT payments closing on February 14th, 2020.


Further information regarding the timeline of Parent Payments will be provided with your official Parent Payments letter.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be a Book Sale Day in 2020?

No, there will not be a Book Sale Day in 2020. Payments can be made anytime from October 9th 2019 to December 5th 2019.


How can I make sure my child gets their stationery at the start of the year?

All payments made prior to December 5th will receive their student Stationery Packs at the beginning of the school year.


What if I cannot finalise my payments by December 5th, 2019?

Any payments made by direct credit up to February 10th, 2020 and cash/EFT payments up to February 14th, 2020 will receive their Student Stationery Packs by mid-March.


Can I purchase my own books?

Yes, you can obtain a student stationery list from the office or by downloading a copy here

Does my child still have access to Mathletics and Bug Club if I buy my own stationery?

In order to receive access to Mathletics and Bug Club the Digital Subscriptions levy must be paid. This levy is part of the Essential Learning Items, Essential Learning Items include Student Stationery and Digital Subscriptions. A part payment can be processed for this levy if you choose to supply your own stationery.


What support options are available to families experiencing hardship?

The school understands that families may experience financial difficulties at times. Situations of hardship should be communicated to the school as early as possible to ensure appropriate support and arrangements can be provided. If you are experiencing difficulty in making the requested payment please contact our Wellbeing Co-ordinator by phone on 9782 1333 or email banyan.fields.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Parent Payments


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