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The Mathematics Curriculum at Banyan Fields Primary School is based on the Victorian Curriculum. 

Lessons are planned to develop skills and mathematical understandings focussing on the 4 key proficiency areas of Understanding, Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving. All areas are continuously monitored using formal and ongoing assessment practices in order to provide learning opportunities that cater for the identified needs of each student. 


We are focused on developing student understandings of mathematical concepts by providing opportunities for consolidation and  application of learning through authentic experiences.

We promote and provide opportunities for student agency by allowing students opportunities to select the right task for them and practice their individual maths goals in a way that best suits their learning needs - this includes through the use of technology, peer work, maths games and applying this through authentic learning tasks.

Maths Workshop

The Maths Workshop is a framework for teaching and learning that allows for in-depth teaching and learning, differentiation and ultimately independence. The Maths Workshop incorporates the following;

  •  Mini lesson with explicit teaching of the identified maths concept 

  •  Independent practice of the scaffolded strategy/concept

  •  Independent application for students to practice the taught concept/skill/strategy 

  •  Independent Maths activities to focus on point of need for each student

  •  Maths Conferences 

  •  Small Group work

  •  Debrief to share and celebrate their learning

  •  Independent Maths Goals

Mathematics Resources

Developing strong skills in reading, writing and maths is critical to ensure your child’s success in early learning and beyond.

You can make a difference by supporting what your child learns at school and helping them to learn at home by using the resources provided on the Banyan Fields Primary School website.

Explore the links below for ideas, games and resources to use at home with your child.

Online Resources to use at home

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How to build your child's numeracy skills from years 3 to 6
Find information, advice and activities for families to help their child’s numeracy learning at home.
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