The Mathematics Curriculum at Banyan Fields Primary School is based on the Victorian Curriculum. 

Lessons are planned to develop skills and mathematical understandings in fluency & language, logical reasoning, analytical thought and problem solving. Students’ individual abilities are monitored using formal and ongoing assessment practices in order to provide learning opportunities that caters for the identified needs of each student. We are focused on developing student understandings of mathematical concepts by providing opportunities for consolidation and  application of learning through authentic experiences.

Banyan Fields Primary School;

  • Plans using the Victorian Curriculum

  • Provides a differentiated curriculum and personalised learning environment

  • Develops Multiplicative Thinking through targeted interventions and authentic tasks

  • Incorporates technology into everyday learning experiences

  • Uses 'hands on' materials to engage and scaffold students' learning

  • Administers Early Years Numeracy Interview & Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years Assessments

  • Uses Mathletics across the school from Prep to Year 6

  • Celebrates National Numeracy Week

  • Competes in the National Maths Olympiad Challenge in Grade 5/6

  • Administers the University of New South Wales ICAS Mathematics Competition to students

  • Works with schools in the local network to improve the numeracy of all students across Carrum Downs

Mathematics Resources
201 ideas to use with your child


Developing strong skills in reading, writing and maths is critical to ensure your child’s success in early learning and beyond.

You can make a difference by supporting what your child learns at school and helping them to learn at home by using the resources provided on the Banyan Fields Primary School website.

Explore the links below for ideas, games and resources to use at home with your child.


Online Resources to use at home


Games to practise number skills

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