At Banyan Fields Primary School we report on student progress against the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards.
Student reports are released to parents/carers twice a year; term two and term four.  Each published report shows student progress, academic growth and achievement at the time of reporting.
Our school uses the Sentral Student Learning Management System to report to families. Please read all the information below with care so you are fully aware of the new system. We have provided video links below to assist with your familiarisation of Sentral. 
Our Sentral Parent Portal is able to be accessed on any device - Smartphone, iPads, Tablets and computer.
All parent/guardians have access to the PARENT PORTAL COMPUTER located in our library from at anytime between 8:30am - 4:30pm. We have made sure it is connected to our printers to ensure that you able to print  your child's report.  
You must be registered for Sentral to view your child/ren’s report. You only need to register once and siblings are connected via a one time access code. 
You can register for Sentral at any time. All you need is your email address and create a password of your own. If you require support to register, please contact the school office on 97821333.
If you need assistance, you will be able to view a series of short videos about Sentral and the reporting process. 
How is the curriculum organised? The Victorian Curriculum has been written so that when a child is in Year 2, they are working toward Level 2 etc.
What do the new student reports include? 
Each student report will include:​
Progression point (dot) for each core subject area.
Progression point (dot) and subject overview for each specialist subject area.
Teacher comment on Literacy and Numeracy as well as a personalised comment focusing on the areas of achievement and growth .
The BFPS  Learning and Personal Development page.
A list of school and extra curricular activities your child has participated in throughout the semester.
Where do I find my child’s report on Sentral?
1)      Log onto Sentral. 
2)      Click on the photo of your child. 
3)      Click on the word DASHBOARD with the small arrow at the top of the screen. 
4)      Click on REPORTING. 
5)      Click on PUBLISHED REPORTS. 
6)      Click on the report you wish to view. 
If you have any questions about reports and Sentral, please contact your child’s teacher, the school office or Ms Karen Parkinson.
Important Information:
Student reports will not be printed out.  All previous reports are able to be viewed, printed out or saved to your device at anytime.
Please check the school's Newsletter & our Social Media pages for important dates including the publishing date for the up coming Semesters Reporting Period. 


How to Book a Parent Teacher Interview or Student Led Conference


Getting to know Sentral &

Viewing my Child's Report

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