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Sentral Parent Portal

Parents can access student earning data about their child each term through the Sentral Parent Portal. At the end of each term Student Learning Continuums are accessible through the Sentral Parent Portal. The Learning Continuum highlights the skills students have achieved and the skills they are still working on. Student reports are also released to parents/carers twice a year; Term 2 and Term 4.  Each published report shows student progress, academic growth and achievement at the time of reporting.

The Sentral Parent Portal also allows families to access important school based information through the messages and notifications option and the school newsletter.  Sentral is also where families book their interview times for Parent Teacher Interviews.

To access  The Sentral Parent Portal you must be registered with Sentral. You will need to register for an account and connect to your child/ren's Sentral information using a personalised access code. Your child's class teacher can provide you with this. 
You can register for Sentral at any time. All you need is your email address and create a password of your own. 

If you need assistance, you will be able to view a series of short videos about Sentral and the reporting process.
For detailed information about reporting including when continuum trackers are open and when parent teacher interviews take place please go to the Assessment and Reporting section of our website. 
Where do I find my child’s report on Sentral?

  1.  Log onto Sentral

  2.  Click on the photo of your child

  3.  Click on the word DASHBOARD with the small arrow at the top of the screen

  4.  Click on REPORTING


  6.  Click on the report you wish to view

If you have any questions about student Learning Continuums, Student reports or Sentral, please contact your child’s teacher, the school office or Ms Karen Parkinson.
Important Information
Student reports will not be printed out.  All previous reports are able to be viewed, printed out or saved to your device at anytime.

Please check the school's Newsletter & our Social Media pages for important dates including the publishing date for the up coming Semesters Reporting Period. 


How to Book a Parent Teacher Interview or Student Led Conference


Getting to know Sentral &

Viewing my Child's Report

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