Year 3 - 2019

Students in Year 3 regularly take part in a variety of English and Mathematics lessons that are targeted to their next step of learning. Teachers work together to ensure that all students are offered engaging and appropriate work for their current stage of learning. Clear learning intentions and success criteria are planned for each lesson and shared with the students to enable them to get the most out of each lesson.


We understand the importance of developing digital citizens who have the competencies to navigate the digital world. We integrate digital technologies into our classrooms in a variety of ways to support this. We will also be introducing multimodal ways of presenting research or published work, by teaching children how to use programs like google slides. 

Curriculum In Action (CIA)

Our CIA program gives all students in Year 3 a variety of opportunities to excel in all aspects of the school curriculum. In term 1 and 2 students will be rotating through different curriculum areas. Civics and Citizenship (rules and laws), Performing Arts (drama), Geography (Australia and neighbouring countries) and Design and Technology (sustainability).

CIA Topics:


Civics & Citizenship:

Students will be exploring features of our society, decision making and the role of local government. They will be looking at the differences and similarities between rules and laws in our communities. They will also be considering what it means to live as part of a democracy and how decisions can be made democratically. Students will be learning about the role of local government and the services it provides. They will also consider the different groups that make up our community and the contributions they make.



Students will be developing their geographic skills as well as expanding their geographic knowledge. They will be reading and using maps to give directions, drawing simple maps and using geographic data from a range of sources. Additionally, they will be learning to identify neighbouring countries and their natural and human characteristics (cities and population). They will also be looking in depth at the animals and plants of South America and Africa and comparing them to those in Australia.


Performing Arts:

Students will experience a range of aspects of Drama. Including improvisational acting through games and small group activities. They will experience how to adapt a story into a play by focusing on characters, setting and the key events that occur. They will be guided in altering this information to write a script that includes lines of dialogue as well as actions and stage directions for actors. They will rehearse these scenes and perform for the class.


Design and Technology:

For Design and Technology students will be designing, planting and caring for a kitchen garden bed. They will investigate the growing requirements for different plants and plan out a garden bed with plants that can be used in the Masterchef program. Concepts such as seasonal and companion planting will be considerations discussed and included in the design process. The design and function of garden tools and how to use them safely will be explored in these sessions.


Level Sport:

Year 3 students participate in level sport each week. These sessions focus on specific skills and game play, enabling students to learn, understand and enjoy a range of sports activities. Sports will include t-ball, basketball, netball, soccer and cricket.

dents participate in level sport each week. These sessions focus on specific skills and game play, enabling students to learn, understand and enjoy a range of sports activities. Sports include T-ball, basketball, netball, soccer, cricket and volley stars.




In 2019, the Year 3 students will be flexing their culinary muscles by taking part in our Masterchef program. Students will be learning about safe food handling and hygiene as well as how to use kitchen equipment safely. The Masterchef program also allows for real life application of some of the literacy and numeracy skills learned in the classroom such as: reading recipes, using metric measurements of volume, temperature and weight.


Bike Education:

In Term 4, the Year 3 students will be participating in off-road practical and theory sessions to improve their skills and safety knowledge of riding a bicycle and increasing road safety awareness.


Briars Camp:

Year 3 Camp, is a 2 night, 3 day camp at the Briars Outdoor Education Camp in Mount Martha, at the end of Term 2. Students will have an amazing time developing their independence and resilience on many of the camp activities which may include Archery, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Leap of Faith and Bush Cooking. They may also take part in cooperative team building games and activities like billy carts, volleyball and the commando course.


Frankston Arts Centre Excursion:

During Term 3, Year 3 students will be having a day out to the Frankston Arts Centre to watch a spectacular live show of Roald Dahl’s “Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts”. This excursion will help bring to life the unit of work on Poetry that they will be studying in the classroom at that time.

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