Assessment and Reporting

At Banyan Fields Primary School we endeavor to provide continuous reporting based on the Victorian Curriculum to parents and carers through Sentral. BFPS reporting includes the use of Continuum Reporting opened each term, Semester Reports with progression points in terms 2 and 4, Parent Teacher Interviews in terms 1 and 3, and Student Led Conferences in term 4.


Parent Teacher Interviews

As part of the assessment and reporting process we are also offering opportunities to meet with your child’s class teacher. The first opportunity will be in term 1.


How to book for Interviews?

Please make your booking through the Sentral Parent Portal. Bookings open Tuesday February 18th at 9:00am and close on Tuesday February 25th at 9:00am.  So please get in early to get your preferred time. Please log on using your Sentral username and password to make your booking. Foundation and new students will receive a letter detailing their access keys. If you have any questions regarding the booking process please speak with your child’s class teacher for support.


What is Sentral?

Sentral is our student administration platform that provides and stores student information regarding attendance, wellbeing, academic achievement and assessment. Parents can use the Sentral Parent Portal to book ‘Parent/Teacher Interviews’, ‘Student Led Conferences’ and access their student assessment and reporting information. If you are having trouble accessing the Portal, please contact the office.


Where can I access Student Reporting?

All aspects of Continuum Reporting and Semester Reports are stored and accessed on the Sentral Parent Portal. Parents log on to the Sentral Parent Portal and can view their child’s growth and achievements in specific curriculum areas.


Continuum Reporting

At the end of each term, parents and carers will have access to the Continuum Tracker. The Continuum Tracker allows teachers to record individual student progress against specific curriculum areas, providing a comprehensive picture of student academic achievement. When continuum trackers are published for viewing you will be able to see all continuums. Most subject areas are taught over a 2 year cycle, except for English and Mathematics, which means there will be more growth in some continuums this year compared to others.  Continuum Trackers will be open for viewing for a 2 week window each term from the following dates; March 20th, June 24th, September 11th, December 16th 2020.


Semester Reports

At the end of semester 1 and 2 parents and carers will receive a published report in addition to their child’s continuum tracker. In Semester 1 your child’s report will be focused on reporting their progress in English and Mathematics. This will include your child’s ‘progression point’ for English and Mathematics as well as their Continuum Tracker. In Semester 2 your child’s report will be more comprehensive and will provide information regarding progress against all curriculum areas taught over the course of the year, including those taught in a specialist subject.

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