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We ask that all visitors and volunteers to the school sign in at the office and present their working with children card.

At Banyan Fields Primary School our vision is to create a bright future for our learners. We are committed to providing academic, emotional and social education within our learning community. Creating positive members of society who will demonstrate belonging, resilience, ambition and integrity.

To ensure a seamless education from pre-school to year 12; we work hard to develop relationships with the neighbouring kindergartens and local high school to promote effective and supportive transitions. We offer a wide range of programs and opportunities for children to develop their potential; intellectually, emotionally and socially in a secure, caring environment. There are opportunities to access additional support from a wide range of Allied Professionals who work with the school. These professionals include psychologists, counsellors, speech therapists, occupational therapists and a chaplain. Students are able to access these programmes through liaison with the classroom teacher and our Well-being Officer.


Our curriculum is constantly reviewed to ensure the children receive exciting and stimulating programs based on the Victorian Curriculum and a diverse program of extra-curricular activities. Our teachers are skilled in developing hands-on, interactive and engaging learning tasks that are relevant to students. They too provide opportunities for students to apply their learning in a range of contexts, using appropriate technological devices to assist them. 

At Banyan Fields Primary School we believe in consultative decision-making processes that include the involvement of all sectors of the school community. Our proactive School Council ensure that we are meeting our aims and accountabilities. This is viewed upon positively by the school’s leadership team in recognition that a certain level of challenge ensures we continue to grow and develop as a school.


We are extremely proud of the school’s standing within the community. Working together in an educational partnership has amazing advantages and potential for all. We invite you to be part of our school’s journey and we look forward to welcoming you to join us. On behalf of the School Council thank you for considering Banyan Fields as the school to educate your child. We pledge to work relentlessly to provide the best possible education environment for them to flourish; this would be our privilege.


Bethany Jackson     


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