Digital Technology
Welcome to Digital Technologies Challenge: 


Minecraft CAN BE a creative computing platform where kids learn to code and...

What is Coding?

Coding (sometimes called programming), in the simplest of terms, is telling a computer what you want it to do via step-by-step instructions.

Why is coding important?

Coding is everywhere. From your favourite smartphone app to your microwave oven, coding is what makes these things work. It’s what powers our digital world. Learn to design and reflect on how things can work. 


​We are looking at designing a robot OR learning to code via Minecraft! It is a creative computing platform where millions of kids have learned to program and built games, apps and more. 

Choose your Year Level to be able to select one of two challenges 

Prep - 1:  Design your own Robot

Year  2+:  Code Minecraft - learn how to code and make your Minecraft character achieve goals

What to do:

Follow the instructions and connect BLOCKS to make characters move and complete challenges. 


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