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Banyan Fields Primary School

Our School
Banyan Fields Primary School is the heart and spirit of the community, strengthened by our commitment to fostering healthy, happy and confident learners. Our school is a wonderful place for learning with many opportunities for children to experience classroom curriculum, as well as extra curricula and team activities.

At Banyan Fields PS our mission is to create a value added and positive learning environment where all students can develop their abilities. This is seen when students:

• have respect and care for themselves and others
• encourage, interact and share learning together
• are friendly and inviting towards others
• are literate and numerate
• know their own learning, set and reach targets
• confident in using problem solving and decision making strategies
• are creative and independent thinkers

We have strong leadership and mentoring structures to support skill development of all students which underpins our approach to student wellbeing and discipline. We believe that students who learn to take responsibility have a great chance of success in life, able to contribute to society, take calculated risks and have confidence in the decisions they make.
Personal success is based on developing skills that allow students to continually meet their challenges with interest and enthusiasm.

School and home partnerships are vitally important in helping children learn from all their experiences as well as their mistakes - often learning the most about themselves. The development of the whole child is our aim.
Our Values
Banyan Fields PS - The Heart and Spirit of the Community where Confident Children Learn with Passion.

Community and learning are the building blocks for students to develop their skills for life. Personal skills of optimism, resilience, caring, teamwork, respect, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication and leadership skills are essential skills needed in present and future successful relationships.

Each student is supported in their development through practising our school values:

• Respect: treating people with dignity, speaking with a caring tone.
• Honesty: Tell the truth about a situation, taking care to give all relevant information.
• Friendliness: Including others, being pleasant
• Teamwork: Working together to achieve a task, activity or project, ensuring that each team member contributes to the whole, by carrying out their roles.
•Responsible Learning: Positive attitude to learning by understanding what is required and self assessing own progress
•Positive Relationships: Learning to communicate, use social skills to build friendships and resolve issues caringly when needed.
Banyan Fields PS ‘s curriculum is based on the individual needs of students, statewide benchmarks and real life challenges and topics of global relevance. The curriculum provides a balance in developing academic, social and emotional skills preparing students for their present and future learning.

Programs are both challenging and inspiring, creating interest and passion in students working towards their full potential.
All programs are supported by a wide range of ICT and multi-media - taking advantage of interactive whiteboards, cameras, videos, electronic microscopes and DEECD’s Ultranet, giving access to programs to students and parents at school and at home.

High expectations and standards of learning and behaviour is emphasised in all teaching and learning practices. Students monitor their learning and identify personal best achievements. Confidence in learning is developed through persistence, hard work and recognition of achievements. Our students are inspired to have high expectations of themselves and be fully engaged in learning and relationships.

Our highly focused, student-oriented teachers and support staff, work hard to increase their professional learning at every opportunity. The staff has close learning relationships with students and parents to ensure that all students are successful at school.

Our dedicated teachers provide individualised targets and feedback to support successful student achievement.
Extra Curricula Activities
We have extensive enrichment programs to cater for the wide variety of interests of our students. We aim for our students to be active participants in school life.
These extra-curricula activities include:

• Student Leadership Program
• Mathematics competitions
• Reading, Writing and Spelling challenges
•Japanese Speaking competitions
• Environmental Heroes - sustainability
program run by students for students
• Food For Everyone program
• Vegetable gardens
• Interschool Sport - including cross country, athletics, swimming
• Basketball, cycling and special purpose squads
• Human Powered Vehicle squad
• Swimming program
• Perceptual Motor Program
• Excursions and in-school visits
• Visiting artists, speakers and authors
• School camps - Years 2 - 6
• Highly prized Visual Arts Program- renowned throughout Frankston
• Performing arts program that includes: music and dance performances, aerobics, School of Rock and school choir Group instrumental lessons available.
Extensive Grounds and Facilities
Banyan Fields PS still has a rural setting in a suburban environment. Our extensive grounds have access to two ovals and the wetlands providing the opportunity for environmental studies. The layout of the grounds provides areas for Prep play equipment and two other large play equipment areas for the rest of the school. Quiet shaded areas, a rotunda with seating, a picnic seated area, basketball courts, sand pits, cricket nets, grassed areas for minor games, and four square courts make up the vast playing areas.

The buildings support: Prep Learning Centre featuring 5 spacious classrooms, PMP centre, Reading Recovery Centre and three indoor / outdoor areas. Our faciltities also include: Artroom, Japanese Centre , Multi-media Centre, Library, Multi-purpose Centre; full-sized basketball stadium with multi-purpose foyer, Music Centre, radio station, separate Out of School Hours Care building and the Old School house.
Community Partnerships
We have great parent support and encourage active participation in school life. There are many activities for parents to become an active participant in your child's education. We support the community through our multi-partnerships with community organisations. The aim is to provide services for families. We have partnerships with Frankston City Council, Monash University, Chisholm Institute, Peninsula Health, Ardoch Foundation, St Luke's Church, OzChild, Anglicare, Cairnmillar Institute and OnPsych services.
In May, 2012 we held a Banyan Fields Community Concert with Carrum Downs SC.  A variety of local performing organisations were involved to present  a great afternoon of entertainment for the local community.
New Banyan Fields Child and Family Centre - opening in 2014.
Frankston City Council and Banyan Fields Primary School have a joint partnership to develop the new Banyan Fields Child and Family Care Centre. The centre will house three kindergartens and three Maternal Child Health Centres. We will be working together to create further joint services for families in our community.